Elisaveta Marinkovska is manager of Makedo-komerc which distributes consumable office supplies ( folders, registrars and envelopes, prefabricated paper, ribbons and toners, office equipment, hygiene products, and advertising materials) to end consumers (offices, warehouses, stores, etc.).  Elizaveta joined CEED FINANCE in order to help her company change its strategy and improve their financial management.  She was so impressed by the caliber of the training and other entrepreneurs that she decided to join CEED Grow in order to improve her management skills and network with other entrepreneurs.  Elisaveta gained new contacts, was able to exchange experiences with other participants, and establish a strong relationship with several mentors which revitalized her passion for the business and helped her bring a new perspective to the company.  Her mentors helped her think through how she could pivot in order to save the company and increase market share.