Matija Jekovec is partner in the company Klaro that deals with domain hosting, web marketing and website construction. Matija joined CEED in 2011, based on the recommendation of his partner and cofounder, Uroš Čimžar (a former CEED participant). This paved the way for more coherent decision making and a unified business vision of partners. In the last 3 years, their team has continued to grow as have their revenues.. This year they even purchased the Slovene market-leader in domain hosting and are now preparing the company to become more efficient in their move toward scale. According to Matija,CEED mentors’ experience and knowledge helped me in adjusting our company’s vision and organization. Here you will not find much theory – most conversations in CEED start with »when I…« and continue with a personal experience. Lecturers and mentors adapted to our wishes and worked on our problems through the prism of their own experiences. It was very valuable to get the insight into companies of our lecturers and fellow entrepreneurs. Hence I was able to compare our own model to theirs and then set it right for further growth.”  Matija and Uroš have both attended CEED Pro programs, designed to help entrepreneurs structure and professionalize their company.