Eva Jelnikar is an energetic business woman, founder and director of company Axis Mundi that employs 11 people and makes about 2,2 million USD of annual revenues from innovative business gifts and gift cards. She and her Marketing Director, Aleksander Novak, joined the CEED Pro program in the 2011-12 season, and were so invigorated by it, that just two months later they sent their whole sales team to the CEED Sales program, which is designed to polish the sales process, structure of sales team and their sales competences. According to Eva, “In shortest time, based solemnly on out-of-practice cases, presented by the most successful Slovenian entrepreneurs and mentors, I got new ideas and learned new ways on how to improve my company in nearly all its business aspects. For example, this was the first time I looked at my company through ABC costing and through sales analysis. I also achieved a whole new level of communications and understanding within the team, started to actively listen to all of them, and finally got to really understand myself – why I react to different situations in such different ways as I do. Thanks to all, who made this possible.”