Boštjan Gaberc first applied to the CEED Grow program as a young entrepreneur in 2006, where he learned how to build a good foundation for his growing company, Mikrografija. By 2009 he had received the Regional Gazelle award for being the fastest growing company in the region, and won again in 2011. Today Mikrografija employs nearly 60 people and makes close to 5 million USD of annual revenues in electronic archives and electronic documentation management. In turn, Boštjan became a CEED Mentor, helping a new generation of young entrepreneurs.

This year he has also sent his middle management team to the CEED Leadership program, to empower them and encourage them to bring new ideas to the company themselves. Now they actively share their new ideas and look to make changes in the firm to improve service without needing Bostjan to lead every effort.

They export about 40% of their services to Germany, Austria, Italy and to Balkan countries, such as Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Macedonia. They also started ‘eyeing’ Romania, Turkey and Switzerland.

According to Boštjan “CEED connects people that are motivated by challenges and wish to achieve growth at the business and personal level”