Barbara Humar Gerbec is director and co-owner of Linea Snella, an international chain of wellness centers that address the problems faced by overweight adults. Linea Snella helps not only with fitness programs, but with psycho-physical support to ensure better and long lasting results.

Barbara first joined CEED in 2008 and immediately started to cooperate with several fellow entrepreneurs, and jointly developed the franchising model ( This model has taken her company to Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, and most recently to the Czech Republic. With the help of new knowledge, vast experiences and advice from CEED mentors, she excels today in franchising and is the president of Slovene Franchising Association. According to Barbara, “New knowledge helped me broaden my horizons, upgrade my business model and plan expansion to foreign markets”.

She has been a member of CEED’s Grow, Pro, Advanced and Network programs in consecutive years since 2008. She started her business with a handful of people, but today she employs over 20 people and makes about 1,2 million USD annual revenues in Slovenia alone, not counting the international franchise units.