Dr. Štefan Furlan is head of the company Optilab that has developed software solutions for insurance-fraud detection. Štefan joined the CEED Grow program shortly after the company started operations in 2008. Due to favorable experiences with CEED and because of Optilab’s rapid business growth, he immediately proceeded to CEED’s Pro program for professionalization of a company and its leaderships. Optilab began in 2008 and had reached 1,2 million USD revenue by 2011. In addition,  their team grew from just a couple of individuals to a team of more than 30 employees.

Due to Optilab’s high international potential, Štefan and his partner Gaber Terseglav joined CEED’s International ICT program. Through it, they got to know the ICT sector and national ICT players in several South-European countries. They have made several international business projects through these contacts. Štefan’s CEED mentor, Matt Mayfield, was critical in helping Stefan organize helped him with sales and organizational efficiency. According to Štefan “My mentor, Matt helped us clarify the sales process. He helped us test the market and introduced us to customer planning. He also helped us set-up the organization to increase efficiency. It helps us a lot now in our process of internationalization. We are currently penetrating several markets in the close proximity to Slovenia.”