Company Medicus Help exists on the Macedonian market for 18 years and its main activity is distribution of orthopedic and skin care products and hygiene. Within the company operates “Woman Centre” pleasant spot center devoted to women operated from breast cancer, where they can try and choose a medical device. One of the newer sections of Medicus Help department is storing and exporting of stem cells. Medicus Help has 10 shops in Macedonia, and is quite a socially active company – there are many educational projects dedicated to women and children. Radmila Handjiska has been the marketing manager since 2000. The biggest problem that Radmila had faced is delegation and organization of the company. She learned about CEED’s programs from a friend, and participated in programs CEED Go-To-Market, CEED Grow, and will now take part in CEED Pro. As she says, CEED changed her life:

“From everything I’ve heard these two years in CEED programs, the most appreciated and most important for me, not only in professional, but also in private life, was handing the perception of time by Jovan Madjovski. The lecture changed my perception of time and the meaning of time organization – not only my own, but someone else’s time as well. Now I can finish a lot more work with less stress. CEED completely changed my perception about management and delegation as well”.

This year, Medicus Help has opened New Woman Centre in Pristina, Kosovo.