With a growing company and more demanding budget conscious customers, entrepreneurs must professionalize operations. This takes time and money, neither of which an entrepreneur has. They need pragmatic approaches they can readily implement, and advice from those who have been there/done that.

Targeted to entrepreneurs and managers that want to drive focus and efficiency into their established and growing company, CEED Pro focuses on the company strategy, marketing positioning, financial monitoring, and organizational development challenges that come with the territory of a growing company. The program is led by experienced practitioners and includes a mentorship component to help guide a way forward.

This program targets entrepreneurs who aim to:

  • Set up an efficient organization and processes
  • Build a complementary leadership team and make it proactive and willing to assume responsibility
  • Lead, motivate, and reward employees
  • Improve their market position, learn how much to invest into building their brand
  • How to achieve an efficient sales process
  • Set up indicators to monitor company performance