4Virtus is a young company specialized in developing web solutions and mobile applications. Within the company operates a creative design and digital marketing department. Igor Hristov, co-owner of the company founded in 2010, participated in the CEED Top Class program, Generation 2, 2008/2009, and at the time he had seven years work experience in another company. About Top class program he had seen in the newspaper ad, but was skeptical about the first generation. When the second generation has started, he already had information from previous participants and decided to apply. Igor had a dream to start his own company for a while, but he didn’t know how to do it and wasn’t brave enough. In CEED he met people with their success stories and positive energy how encouraged him to try his own business.

According to him, the most important thing CEED has offered and that helped in starting and running his own business is networking!
“To this day I say that the most important thing is networking, besides the transfer of experiences and knowledge between entrepreneurs. The strongest impact that I got from CEED program is a positive energy, and it is very important, it is what encourage you.”