We are pleased to announce the Turkish – South East Europe (SEE) and Black Sea (BS) Regional ICT B2B event entitled “IT Bridge – CONNECT” which will take place on March 19-20, 2013 in Izmir, Turkey. The Organizing Committee is working with a local partner Bati-BINOM (Western Anatolian Information and Electronics Regional Innovation Center) to facilitate a powerful networking and B2B meeting between ICT companies looking for new market opportunities.

GOALS: Turkey is a rising star in Europe and the fastest growing market in the region.  This event will help strengthen SEE – BS – Turkish business contacts and highlight opportunities for increasing trade and investment. The combination of high added value, innovation, creativity, and extensive research is helping Turkish firms develop products, not only for local market, but abroad as well.  The B2B event aims to help entrepreneurs from the SEE and BSEC region get a better understanding of what it takes to do buisness in Turkey and conversely aims to help Turkish entrepreneurs establish links with the new markets in South Eastern European and Black Sea countries.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of this B2B event is to identify regional opportunities, discuss market trends in the ICT sector and catalyze active networking and business opportunities. Everyone should come out of the conference having met a few interesting business contacts and having learned more about cross border ICT business opportunities.

ACTIVITIES:  The Organizing Committee expects to bring a targeted group of 20 ICT entrepreneurs from SEE and BSEC Region to meet with 30-40 Turkish entrepreneurs and begin to build long-term cooperative business relationships.  There will be panels which will discuss ICT business opportunities and challenges and many formal and informal networking opportunities supported by study-visits.

ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: We inform you that the World of Industry WIN Automation Fairwhich is a trade fair for the high-growth Automation, Electrotech, Hydraulic & Pneumatic and Materials Handling sectors will take place in Istanbul on 21-24 March 2013, in case you are interested to attend this event too while in Turkey.


Fast Facts

Countries:  20 entrepreneurs from Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and 30-40 entrepreneurs from Turkey.

Sectors: ICT, Embedded systems, Smart systems,  Electronics, Mobile business solutions,  Health Systems, Data mining, Professional services, among others

Size of Company: High growth SMEs with annual revenue ranging from €500,000 to €2,000,000, 10-50 employees


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