CEED Morocco, the 15th in center in CEED’s global network, launched its first CEED Grow program May 16, 2013. The six-month program is aimed at young Moroccan entrepreneurs in the growth stage of their businesses. CEED Morocco benefits from the experience and support of the global CEED network and is uniquely positioned to provide the know-how and networks that the 22 members of the inaugural CEED Grow class need to accelerate the growth of their businesses and enter new markets.

The first month of the CEED Grow program was a real success to the entrepreneurs who joined CEED with a firm determination to grow and to benefit from the international CEED network. “The CEED Grow program is perfectly adapted to my needs,” said Ahmed Salih, the CEO of Creative HR and a member of the inaugural class. The initial sessions were designed to enhance participants’ presentation skills and hone their personal pitch. At the first networking event, entrepreneurs used these skills and made their pitches to convince mentors to support them through the program.