March 14th, 2014: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Fish farmers and local financial institutions came together in the northern city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, in a breakthrough moment for the local fishing industry which has long struggled from a lack of access to finance.

On March 14th, CEED organized a B2B Meeting entitled “Meet the Bankers,” where local fisherman had the chance to learn about the different financial options and products available from local banks to expand their businesses, locally and even abroad. Farmers were able to network with banks such as the Jamuna Bank and Trust, and many met one-on-one with these banks to begin the loan application process.

Though the city sits on a rich riverbed, Rajshahi’s fish farmers’ lack of access to modern technologies and financial opportunities has limited their businesses’ growth potential. Through the various CEED channels, CEED-Bangladesh hopes to strengthen the fish farmer network while connecting it to financial channels and other agribusiness networks.

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