Synapse is a specialized company for web design and 3D visualization, and CMS (content management systems) solutions, e-commerce, mobile applications, hosting, micro sites. The company officially started since 2007. Its founder and director, Filip Arsov, on the recommendation of a friend decides to follow CEED programs. He had participated in the CEED Go-to-market program 2010/2011, Generation 4, CEED Grow generation 3, in CEED Finance 2011 generation 3 and CEED Marketing 2011 generation 1. From CEED he had acquired the knowledge about business, but the most important highlights are: networking, motivation, inspiration, relaxation and entertainment. First year of participation in the CEED program, the company’s profit increases by 50% and the next 30% more.

“What I learned from CEED programs I have implement as much as I could in my business. From the programs I have gained a lot of confidence, I knew that what I do is right and I learned that there is no “true story”, but everybody creates his own business and every business has its own specification. For a young entrepreneur is important to have the basics about business, but he needs to listen at least 50 stories on how to run a business, and will he succeed it will remains on his own intuition and tendentiousness”.

Filip Arsov is the winner of “the most successful entrepreneur in 2010” in section “micro companies”, awarded by the Ministry of Economy of Republic of Macedonia, organized by the Chambers of Commerce, the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development.