Program Commenced April, 2014

CEED Bulgaria and the European Commission have teamed up to create the first ever “Central Asia Invest Program,” a unique entrepreneurship support vehicle that will improve the ability of business intermediary organizations (BIOs) in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to better serve their entrepreneurs.

BIOs are familiar with their regions’ entrepreneurial environment, however their knowledge of European markets in limited.  By linking BIOs with CEED’s vast network in Europe, BIOs will be better positioned to help their entrepreneurs better understand the European industrial landscape, find new market opportunities, and recognize legal requirements and regulatory restrictions.

The program includes three phases, including:

1) CEED ‘Grow’ Coaching Program for BIOs — BIO management will be trained as trainers in the CEED ‘Grow’ Coaching Program,  to strengthen their entrepreneurial programs and ultimately attract even more entrepreneurs to their respective programs;

2) CEED ‘Grow’ Program for SMEs — A second round of training based on the ‘Grow’ Program will engage entrepreneurs from the BIO’s member companies, providing them the tools they need to drive their businesses to the next growth stage, and

3) Networking/Business Study Trip to Bulgaria — The program will end with an organized tour to Bulgaria for key managers from participating BIOs and SME entrepreneurs/managers.

Participation in the study tours will particularly help the BIO management teams and entrepreneurs develop contacts, identify partners within EU organizations/companies, and strengthen their competitiveness.  Companies from the EU will equally have the opportunity for direct contact with potential partners in Central Asia and will get a better understanding of these markets.  Participation in the training and in the study tours is free of charge for the BIO participants and their members.


We thank our partners for their continued role in providing logistical and organizational support:

The Independent Association of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Association of Protection of Astana Entrepreneurs Rights in Kazakhstan

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan (CCIU)

Business Logistics Development Association LLC (ADBL)


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