CEED Albania launched USAID-funded “Empowering Women in Business” workshop in June of 2014, an ongoing program and networking series that focuses on enhancing leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills of early-stage female entrepreneurs in hopes of increasing the number of women contributing to the SME sector, and therefore the national economy of Albania. Trainings were intensive, interactive and relevant to the entrepreneurs’ work, offering participants the chance to learn and become part of a larger local and regional network.

Experienced female entrepreneurs attended as keynote speakers or workshop leaders, sharing with the entrepreneurs their own experiences in becoming established female leaders. Emanuela Pepkola Zaimi, founder of the Down Syndrome Foundation in Albania and Linda Shomo, General Manager of Easypay Shpk addressed the group at the opening event. Eldisa Lloshi Zhebo, Executive Director at the Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania, Linda Dervishaj, Marketing and Trade Director at Lotaria Kombetare and Blerina Daka, Risk Manager at the BALFIN Group each led a day of the program.

In October 2014, CEED Albania will hold a second “Empowering Women in Business” workshop geared towards female managers and leaders of mature businesses. Participants will learn how to balance small tasks and supervisory responsibilities, preparing them to excel when assuming top management positions in the future. Workplace hierarchy, communication, mentoring, delegation skills and prioritizing will also all be covered topics.

For more information on CEED Albania and upcoming events, please visit CEED Albania’s website.