The Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (“CEED”) announced the winner of the 2014 CEED Entrepreneur of the Year award during the CEED Global Annual Conference in Casablanca, Morocco on October 23, 2014.  The 2014 CEED Entrepreneur of the Year is Matej Fegus, CEO of DONAR d.o.o.  Matej Fegus was selected based on his achievements in enhancing the capacity of his company, building his connections in the local and international markets, and developing his local community.  Matej Fegus is a CEED mentor and regularly volunteers his time to share his knowledge and lessons learned with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

2014 Finalists

The Finalists of the CEED Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014 were selected for their achievements in enhancing their company’s capacity, building their connections, securing access to capital, and developing their community. The winner will be announced during the CEED Global Annual Conference on October 23, 2014 in Casablanca, Morocco.  Visit for more information about the conference and award ceremony.


Vasil Plamenov Karaivanov

European Program Advisory EOOD


  • Established a financial advisory services firm that provides business support services to universities, business angels and investors.
  • Volunteers time to advise Bulgarian students in developing business plans.
  • Teaches economics, money and banking and project finance at a university.


Driton HapciuCACTTUSKosovo 
  • Successfully spun out various departments of the company to bring more value to customers.
  • Offers shares to long-term employees.
  • Board member of several business support organizations in Kosovo.
  • Co-founded 6 businesses in various industries.



Danica Lichanin-Blazheska

Reptil Ltd, Import-Export Skopje


  • Trained sales managers through CEED
  • Member of first generation CEED program in Macedonia
  • An angel investor supporting entrepreneurs in Macedonia.



Adel Mokhtari



  • Developed an innovative cloud-based platform used by over 160 businesses in Morocco.
  • Plans to establish a program to provide training to young graduates on SME best practices.


Ionut Radu Popescu

MBM Software & Partners S.R.L.



  • Organizes workshops on modern IT solutions for SMEs.
  • Currently mentoring four entrepreneurs.


Uros Ignjacevic

Prima Media


  • Successfully expanded the company internationally.
  • Sponsored the first Israeli – Serbian Start Up conference.
  • Listed as a one of the top 30 Entrepreneurs Under the Age of 30.



Matej Fegus

DONAR d.o.o.


  • Successfully expanded the company internationally.
  • Started three companies in various industries.
  • Supports various NGOs including an educational program that challenges the youth to seek new ideas, address fears, and follow their dreams.



Zied Guiga



  • Founded the first  African and Arab car manufacturer recognized by the EU and the Society of Automobiles Engineers Organization (US based association).
  • Invests in skills development for all employees.
  • Invested in beautification of local community.