Global Entrepreneurship Week is more than just a week celebrating entrepreneurship, it is a platform for connecting and collaborating with other players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the spirit of collaboration CEED Kosovo has partnered with BiD Network and SPARK to further develop the ecosystem in Kosovo through the “Enhancing Entrepreneurship and Business Growth” project. CEED Kosovo provides practical trainings for busy entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and in turn create more jobs which are sorely needed in a country with over 30% unemployment. Leveraging SPARK’s experience working with young entrepreneurs globally and BiD Networks online platform, CEED aims to develop a robust angel network in order to unlock private capital to support fast growing businesses in the CEED network. Angel investing is a relatively new concept globally and the model must be adapted to fit local constraints. CEED’s network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners uniquely positions the organization to launch this ambitious initiative.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week CEED facilitated a series of workshops which covered topics including: Modern Concepts for Product Development, Business Growth and Development Using the Right Key Performance Indicators, and Managing and Motivating Your Team. The project has 8 workshops in total, includes B2B meetings with local and regional companies, and taps into investment forums in the region in order to give the entrepreneurs avenues to grow their businesses directly through the training.