Founded in 2006 by brothers Zied and Omar Guiga, Wallyscar is the first Arab and African carmaker sold to mass markets internationally. Quickly after the company was launched Wallyscar was featured at the Paris Motor Show in October 2008 and 2012.  Although Wallyscar has experienced some international success the brothers felt they could learn more about how to expand their market share both domestically and internationally.  Zied joined the first cohort of CEED Grow in 2014 and was paired with a mentor who gave him a new perspective on the company’s growth strategy.  Furthermore, CEED made him realize the importance of relationships in building his business and gave him an opportunity to connect with other young dynamic entrepreneurs.  CEED also gave Zied a platform to meet with potential clients, donors, and investors.  Zied and Omar plan to open a new factory and showroom in Tunisia in the next year.  They also plan to create a new line of 4-door cars with a focus on the Tunisian market.