Angel Investor

Washington DC


James (Jim) Hunt is a seasoned technology and investment professional with a principle focus on companies with technologies that can have a positive impact on the public sector markets.  Hunt began his career in Washington in the mid 70’s as a U.S. Government scientist.  After eight years with the government, Hunt founded “BDS, Incorporated” where he served as CEO for ten years.  In 1991, BDS was merged with BTG, Incorporated and Hunt assisted in the integration of the two companies.  In 1992, BTG was taken public in a successful offering.  Hunt was the second largest shareholder of BTG and the only other employee on the BTG board of directors. Subsequent to his tenure at BDS/BTG, Hunt went to Price Waterhouse where he created the firm’s system integration practice.  After two years as PW, Hunt was recruited away with 17 PW colleagues and founded “Ernst & Young Technologies” (EYT), where he was CEO for eight years.  EYT was subsequently sold to Cap Gemini and Hunt served as President of Cap Gemini Technologies for two years, leaving Cap Gemini in 2006. After leaving Cap Gemini Technologies, with two colleagues, Hunt founded “The MITA Group” a Washington-based  consultancy focused on public affairs and business strategy.  From MITA, Hunt moved with some former MITA colleagues and other executives to create “NextFED” a strategy consultancy with investment banking and corporate clients.  As Managing Partner of NEXTFED, Hunt leads a strategic acquisition, commercialization, and growth acceleration strategy consulting practice.  Hunt is the co-founder of NextFED with Joanne Isham, a retired senior executive from the USG Intelligence Community.

Mr. Hunt began his angel investing activities in the mid 1990’s with five investments in area companies.  After several successful exits, Hunt expanded his portfolio in early 2000’s to include roughly forty companies.  Hunt sits on five corporate boards.  Hunt has exited 21 investments over the past ten years.


Hunt’s investments are in the area of cyber, data center management, social media, analytics, mobile applications, sensors and sensor management.

As an active member in four angel groups and a consultant to two venture funds, Hunt spends a significant amount of his time scouting for world-class, game changing technology. Hunt is also an Adjunct Professor at the McDonough School at Georgetown and at Notre Dame and teaches cornerstone courses in business planning and start-up business management.  Hunt has also created and taught courses to international angels and entrepreneurs and has successfully launched four overseas ventures in the past ten years, with particular emphasis on technology incubation in developing countries. Hunt is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Rochester Institute of Technology and sits on the Notre Dame Engineering College Advisory Council.  Additionally, Hunt is a past president of the Computing Industry Technology Association.