An engineer by training, Ahmed Assalih, had the strong technical background needed to develop a  Human Resources Information System (HRIS). HRIS gathers tools and processes to manage recruitment, trainings for employees and post careers for job seekers. With over 11 years of experience working as the head of human resources for an airline, Ahmed has learned all aspects of the human resource industry. After many years of working in the industry Ahmed decided to start his own business, Creative RH Consulting.

Without CEED, I wouldn’t have been an entrepreneur.

According to Ahmed his first mistake was starting a firm by himself. A paradox for a human resource specialist. “I made several mistakes, I proposed to my clients all human resources appropriate solutions but had no tools to capture this value, I was focused on production but had no clients; I was like a freelancer disguised as a contractor” said Ahmed. “By chance, I joined CEED which helped me survive. I joined to meet some clients but discovered mentoring and I realized that being entrepreneur is a difficult business which requires a structured process. Without CEED, I wouldn’t have been an entrepreneur“. After attending a few workshops with CEED Grow Ahmed decided to review his business model.  He reduced his offerings by 90 % focusing on consulting, training, and leveraging big data for human resources.  Ahmed is now a mentor for the program and advises entrepreneurs in the CEED network about HR practices.

After 2 years in operation the company merged with Advyteam Maroc, a large multinational  consulting firm. The companies had shared values, strong creativity, and complementary activities.   Ahmed is now the Director of Advyteam Maroc, where he leads a team of 7 people. In less than 2 years, he multiplied his sales 5 fold and has taken operations overseas.