Stoyan Irinkov, Boris Sanchez and Bozhidar Iliev are Co-Founders of, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with home improvement professionals. The platform gives professionals the opportunity to secure more work, expand their businesses and choose their next engagement. The platform also provides homeowners with a fast and easy way to compare prices while finding reliable professionals to meet their needs.

Several years ago Stoyan, Boris, and Bozhidar, were in need of a contractor for some home improvements but could not find any contractors available to help. Several of their relatives and friends, who worked in the construction and home improvement sector, often shared with them the difficulties in securing new customers, despite their experience and reliability. Facing these two problems the co-founders came up with a


“With hard work we were able to validate the need for our service and get our first customers. This allowed us to secure our first round of investment and take the project to the next level. From there on it was only more hard work, good decisions coupled with learnings from bad ones that kept us growing.  Today we have over 4,000 professionals registered on the site and more than 10,000 jobs posted by homeowners.” plans to expand operations into Romania and aspires to become the leading platform for home improvement services in the Balkans and worldwide.


“If I could turn back time and give myself advice, knowing all the ups and downs that are to come I would tell myself the following, surround yourself with few good people and increase the number of people as you go. The support from those who believe in you and your idea is the most crucial thing, especially early on,” says Stoyan. “That is why I am so happy we connect with CEED during the early stages of the development of MaistorPlus! I know that we can rely on CEED’s support and that they will always do their best to support us!”