Bradenton, Florida- Community leaders from across the country met in Bradenton, Florida between April 8-10 for the 3.0 Leaders Conference to share best practices to meet the challenges that face our communities in today’s rapidly changing world. Themes at the conference included the power of collaboration, the importance of leveraging networks, and identifying opportunities to produce disruptive game changing innovations.


CEED Global Director, Peter Righi led a conversation entitled, “The Big Picture of Entrepreneurship: Transforming Cultures and Lives Globally,” where he shared CEED’s insights from 10 years of working with entrepreneurs. According to Peter, “TRUST is CEED’s main currency. We put the entrepreneurs first and use a customer-focused approach. The shared experience and peer learning environments we create help attract the right growth entrepreneurs who are agile, driven, value transparency and welcome collaboration. These are skills needed in the 3.0 world.” Peter continued the conversation by talking about failure as a means to learn, which is not a common concept in emerging markets and the role of large companies in supporting entrepreneurs by opening their supply chains or investing in small businesses. Peter ended his talk by tying together the role of entrepreneurs in developing economies, “Entrepreneurship means true freedom, independence, and the ability to choose. Entrepreneurs accelerate economic development via fast failures and adopting what works. A diversity of people and ideas, and a society based on workers with entrepreneurial mindsets can change the whole system and support better standards of living.”