Ivanov is the CEO and co-founder of StorPool Storage. The company was founded at the end of 2011 when the team realized existing storage solutions were unable to match the demand of the customers – storage was expensive, complex, and hard to scale. This gap in the market inspired Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Krosnov (CPO, StorPool) and Yanko Yankulov (CTO, StorPool) to take a new approach to data storage and design a modern storage solution from scratch. The result is the software known as StorPool. StorPool is high-performance storage software that allows customers to build data storage out of standard servers (“software-defined storage”). The recognition of their innovative approach came months later when renowned vendors of the IT industry declared it “the future of storage.” StorPool Storage has already started its way up the ladder of success; the company has already raised funding from three investors and it is present on the global storage scene with customers from three different continents.

Boyan’s connection with CEED started early in his entrepreneur journey. His first practical and systematic entrepreneur support experience was organized by CEED Bulgaria back in 2005. This first touch with a well organized business building framework was life changing for Boyan. He learned about all aspects of starting and running a business – from legal regulations of creating a company, through sales and marketing to finance and accounting. During the program Boyan met prominent local entrepreneurs who provided guidance, practical advice and served as role models. In 2012 Boyan Ivanov attended a CEED camp for entrepreneurs in Ljubljana, Slovenia where he met other local and international entrepreneurs and got to exchange ideas with them. He was then first introduced to the modern concept of building a start-up – lean development, building MVPs, etc. The contacts formed during this camp turned valuable as well.

Now Boyan identifies himself as an entrepreneur. He has been a founding member of three companies, StorPool Storage being his fourth company.