CEED Tunisia’s Kicks off 2016 with a ‘World Café’ on

 “The Future of Entrepreneurship in Tunisia”

– Agreement with the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training signed –


CEED Tunisia kicked off the New Year with a networking event that brought together hundreds of entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in various business networks and government agencies. Speakers at the event included Mr. Zied Laadhari, Minister Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Mohamed Kaanich, CEO of BTS, Ms. Souhir Taktak , CEO of BFPME, Ms. Aziza Htira, CEO of CEPEX, Mr. Samir Bechouel, CEO of APII and Peter Righi, Director of CEED Global. They shared their views of challenges entrepreneurs are facing in Tunisia and measures that are being taken to create more opportunities and support.


CEED Tunisia’s objective is to stimulate economic growth and development, and it does this by supporting entrepreneurs in the building of their businesses so they can create new jobs. The personalized programs offered are tailored to a company’s level of development, but they focus on the knowledge and skills required to manage a growing business. Given this objective, an agreement between CEED Tunisia and the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training has been signed.  Targeted to young people with business ideas, CEED will organize special training that provide the tool and support they need to facilitate the launch of projects, drive innovation, create jobs and build the economy.


The world café event closed with the graduation ceremony of the second generation of entrepreneurs in the CEED Grow program. During the ceremony, CEEDers had the opportunity to present their projects to the audience and allow for an enriching exchange of ideas and tips that were beneficial to the young graduates.