On November 17th CEED Tunisia celebrated the graduation of is latest cohort of CEED Go To Market and Grow entrepreneurs. CEED Go To Market works with early stage entrepreneurs and gives them access to industry professionals who help them launch their companies, while the Grow program works with growth stage entrepreneurs and helps them scale their companies and develop long term strategies for growth.  The U.S Ambassador to Tunisia, Daniel Rubinstein was present in addition to several USAID representatives. Mrs Saida Lounissi, the Secretary of State for Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship; MPs of the PRA, former ministers; Noomen Fehri, Slim Chaker and Said Aidi, were also present.  The CEED entrepreneurs celebrated at the event were:


Firas Ben Hamida (YUCCA), Mohamed Zariat (ENOVA), Marouene Ben Ammar (VILIS), Abir Rabhi (CELIUM), Sami Kacem (LA CIGALE), Imou Makhlouf (Road Safety), Aroua Ouni (LE GOU’THÉ), Walid Triki (Attraction park), Majdi El Manouchi (Tunisia Asmak Consulting), Foued Hamaoui (Tunnisie Plâtre), Yassine Anane (MAC BUREAU), Maher Oudira (INTERNATIONAL TRADERS), Mehdi Sellami (SOPYTEX), Nizar Zouiten (Karpool Tunisia), Ahmed Mezghanni (Polysoft Informatique), Zeineb Mezghanni (Polysoft Informatique).


Since its inception in 2014, CEED Tunisia has worked with over 400 entrepreneurs. On average the companies in our programs have increased the number of jobs by 25% and increased their revenue by 10-20%.  CEED Tunisia was launched with the support of USAID.