On April 20th CEED Slovenia hosted Iza Login, Co-Founder of Outfit7 which launched mobile app Talking Tom that sold for one billion USD earlier this year. Iza gained invaluable experience leading and growing the fast growing global company and she shared some of her insights with the CEED community.


Like all entrepreneurs, in the early days Iza managed all business processes herself but as she brought on new employees she was very conscious to select staff whose values aligned with the company culture.  Through this experience the company developed an 11 step hiring process.


“The team has to be aligned in values ​​and culture”, she explains. Leadership is an ongoing process – communication and coordination of the team is a 24/7 job. In her company, all new employees receive two books in their welcome package, Leadership and Self Deception and Peace at Heart, so that they embrace the common language of the team. Iza emphasizes that personal happiness is an important factor in the performance of each employee. She believes a creative environment makes it possible for staff to exceed their targets. But most importantly, Iza believes that strong leadership means we should let people be who they are, to work as they feel, and to say what they wish for.


After selling the billion dollar company, Iza and her husband Samo Login are dedicated to developing solutions to address global challenges.  This has always been their passion and has been a part of their plan since establishing the company back in 2009 – to make a profitable company which in turn will allow them to find technological solutions for the greatest challenges of our time. She pointed out that all the greatest crises in the history of mankind have been solved with new technologies, and today, when awareness about the problems is not enough, it takes a real technological leap to make a difference. Currently, their projects are still in the research phase.