Mahdi Ben Hmida, Owner, Eco’Lav



Mahdi Ben Hmida is the owner of Eco’Lav, the first chain of ecological laundromats in Tunisia. Mahdi launched this company in 2010 because he wanted to revolutionize the laundry and dry cleaning industry in Tunisia. However he faced challenges managing and developing his business. After joining CEED Tunisia in 2014, Mahdi discovered the real potential of his company while learning about how to assess market opportunities which helped him to effectively change his growth strategy. When joining CEED he had 1 location and 12 employees and today Eco’Lav has 7 locations and 21 employees.


Eco’Lav was nominated as the winner of the TUNISIA BRAND AWARDS, an award which celebrates both domestic and international brands in Tunisia and recognized as a benchmark of consumer confidence and based on brand reputation in the market.