“It’s not only the seed capital that I received from CEED that made a difference. I gained the confidence I needed to go from being an employee to becoming my own boss, and I found the know-how to start and run my first company. I got professional help to develop my business idea into a viable business plan and to validate it in the market. FATMAN became a dream come true thanks to CEED Romania.” Alexandru Doiciu, co-owner of FATMAN STUDIO SRL-D.

Alexandru cofounded Fatman ,  a computer animation studio in late 2015.  He and his co-founder were part of CEED Romania’s EU sponsored initiative designed to develop and partially fund start-up companies. They won CEED’s best business plan competition and were awarded €25,000 seed funding. Today, the company has an impressive portfolio of local and international clients, has grown to a team of four and recently achieved an annual revenue77% higher than projected. To keep up the fast growth  of the business, the entrepreneurs are looking for the second round of funding to grow their team to seven employees and start production of an animation film.