Join us and learn about what makes this city so unique.


During the four days in Chicago, we will meet leaders and executives from different types of companies and industries to learn about their business practices, how they incorporate innovation into their businesses, and how they work with talent.

The program will highlight how technology is changing the landscape of business, learn about new business trends and how companies (even traditional) are leveraging technology.


Why Chicago?

  Most diverse U.S. economy

One of the most cost-effective cities in the world for doing business.

Home to +400 major corporate headquarters, including 34 in the Fortune 500.

International business hub: 1.8k foreign-based companies.

What to expect?

  Insiders perspective

Meetings with executives of Fortune 500 companies, new business stars, industry associations, and investors.

Hear about innovative solutions and business practices.

Opportunity to test your product/service and discover new prospects.

Who will you meet?

   Business leaders & Entrepreneurs


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See attachment for more information about the program and meetings:

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