For CEED, Dodoma region was an interesting environment to pilot our entrepreneur-led model, plant and nurture the seeds of enterprise development and entrepreneurship.  The local entrepreneurs of Dodoma region expect to face increased competition by the new residents for business opportunities, resources and human capital.  With the potential of high growth in the region, the existing and new entrants in the market will require the knowledge, tools and resources to remain relevant and competitive with their respective businesses.


In this effort CEED has selected our first “chapter lead,” Baptist Mnyalape. Baptist is the Founder and Chief Executive officer of BAPA Consultants Company, a consultancy firm registered in 2013 which specializes in Finance, Tax, Training and General Business Consultancy. He has over 14 years’ experience in various capacities from Banking to Health Management. He has over nine years working experience in banking and five years in Health Management. He began his carrier as a loan officer working the in microfinance department of National Microfinance Bank Plc, assisting micro businesses formalize their businesses and qualify to access bank loans. Later in his career he worked as an SME Manager at CRDB Bank where he supported clients on issues relating to Banking including business financing, business control and supervision and other relationship management issues.



What do I do as the chapter lead in Dodoma?

I took the role of Chapter Lead for CEED in Dodoma in October 2018.  I deal with all activities of the Chapter in Dodoma in Collaboration with the CEED Center in Dar es Salaam. The activities include planning activities, recruiting members, organizing events and workshops.


Why did I choose to work with CEED?

I chose to work with CEED because I believe in what CEED does. I believe that if SMEs in Dodoma get effective and relevant training and technical assistance on running their business in all aspects, there will be a very big positive results to their business. CEED also works and supports networking events to its members. I believe networking and leaning from each other is important and can lead to business growth. I personally want to be part of such networking and learning. I have a professional company that provides technical assistance to all types of businesses. The networking and learning that CEED provides is an important platform also for my company.