Innovative start-up entrepreneurs and startups often struggle in leveraging investments to their full growth potential. To combat this, CEED Morocco launched “The Bridge,” an investment readiness program designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs by offering training, mentoring, personalized advice, and targeted networking opportunities to help these entrepreneurs validate their model, develop their network, and prepare to raise funds.


The first iteration of “The Bridge” launched in August 2018 in partnership with USAID and Wise Venture Capital. During the 6-month program, CEED Morocco provided 326 hours of mentoring and coaching sessions. Participants of “The Bridge” had access to financial assistance through CEED’s partnership with Caisse Centrale de Garantie and “The Bridge” investors. This resource was provided in addition to networking sessions where CEED Morocco facilitated business-to-business connections to help entrepreneurs expand their networks, meet potential partners and clients, and learn about new market trends. In addition, CEED Morocco was also able to offer to the participants up to $1,000 in cloud services via its partnership with Amazon Web Services.


In the second iteration of “The Bridge”, a cohort of 15 innovative start-ups in different sectors were selected to go through the program. They presented their pitches on May 31st to CEED Morocco’s investment and corporate partners.