Walid Meskine is a young entrepreneur from the region of Gabes, in the Southeastern part of Tunisia. He established his business “Africa Flying Engineering” in 2016, after a long professional career as an engineer.


Africa Flying Engineering (AFE) is a company that specializes in developing new aviation solutions for agriculture in addition to providing touristic use in Tunisia. Since its establishment, AFE has become one of the leading companies in Tunisia and has signed partnership agreements with many governmental institutions.


Walid joined CEED Tunisia in 2018 when he participated in the Go to Market program in the region of Gabes. He participated in multiple training workshops on marketing, communication techniques, and financial management. “The Go to Market program was the right program at the right time for me”, says Meskine. After graduating from the GTM program, Walid was very impressed by the impact of the training workshops, which encouraged him to join the Grow Program in 2019. He credits the Go to Market program with encouraging him to better package his company’s services and adapt his marketing strategy to include government institutions.


Currently, AFE is working on developing new solutions for the agribusiness sector, using drone technology. Meskine is looking forward to expanding his business further south and targeting new African countries.