Director CEED Slovenia

Andrej has been an entrepreneur all his life, starting in high school when he learned computer programming and found his passion for sales – he immediately sold his first piece of software to the local mom and pop shop. Launching his first company with his friends at 18, he started failing a lot, and it took him tons of persistence, grit and a bit of luck to build a leading regional web hosting provider, with a presence in 5 countries (Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, and Serbia). The company eventually went public on the Milan stock exchange (DHH), and Andrej decided to sell his share and look for other challenges, joining or founding a few startups and eventually getting a call from Barbara – CEED Slovenia. Andrej has always been a massive fan of CEED. He was recruited by Alja in 2013 and joined CEED Slovenia as a member, enrolling in the PRO peer group. He immediately loved it! He found support, knowledge, mentors and lifetime friends in CEED, at the time he really needed it – during his companies’ transition to a more professional outfit, with a head full of questions and only a few answers that made sense. When he received a call from Barbara at the end of 2016, he immediately felt that this is something he would love to do and joined the CEED Slovenia team as a community manager and sales. Firstly working part-time, but soon as a full-time associate. In December 2018, after two years, Andrej became CEED Slovenia director