On April 8th CEED Global launched its Global Webinar Series in response to the COVID-19 crisis, with CEED Ambassador, serial entrepreneur from Priceline.com and uBid.com, Jeff Hoffman.  To be true to our vision of being the most trusted resource for entrepreneurs in their growth, CEED’s webinar series is meant to provide practical solutions for entrepreneurs in times of growth and in times of need.  During the webinar, Jeff shared his 3 R’s: Repurpose, Retool, Redeploy framework to weather the current global health and economic storm.


In summary he suggests entrepreneurs take inventory of their and their teams skills/resources and outline problems in their community due to COVID-19 and match their skills to solve these problems (repurpose). He also suggests that companies take this opportunity to re-educate their workforce with skills they have been wanting to invest in or new skills they think will be needed in their new post-COVID 19 reality (retool). Finally he suggests entrepreneurs think how they can use the skills and assets of their company to help those on the front lines of COVID-19 to not only to do what is right but also to build good will with current and future customers. Watch the full discussion here.


CEED will continue to invite industry experts and investors to talk about practical solutions as we all move forward in this new reality. For more on the Global Leaders Talk series and CEED’s response to COVID-19, read here.