In the second Global Leaders Talk, Lessons from China, CEED called on two experts from CEED’s parent company, SEAF. George Zhang is the Managing Director of this fund based in Chengdu. George is responsible for originating, negotiating, executing and monitoring investment deals, and adding value to and structuring exits. He also provides technical assistance to SSIF portfolio companies, maintains relations with the government departments, manages the SSIF internal staff, and assists in fund marketing and communications. In this webinar, he discusses the impact of COVID-19 on business in China and give his personal perspective on the re-opening of the country’s economy.


Bert van der Vaart is the Co-founder and CEO of SEAF, leading SEAF’s global operations, including fund launch efforts, and also serves as a member of SEAF’s Global Investment Committee. Bert co-founded SEAF in 1989 and in 1997, Bert was appointed CEO and President of SEAF, where he has since been involved with the establishment and supervision of every SEAF fund, including the SSIF. Bert sits on the board of every company in the SSIF portfolio and answered questions drawing on his insights from these companies and his experience in the region.


Watch the webinar here.