The COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous obstacles for businesses in countries heavily impacted by the virus, but even businesses in less affected countries have felt the pain of disrupted value chains and hesitant clients and partners. In the third installment of CEED’s Global Leaders Talks, CEED’s Director of Strategy, Anne Park, will speak to an entrepreneur who has had to navigate supply shortages from his Chinese suppliers and is raising series C funding with the possibility of a global financial crisis looming.

Juan Fermín Rodríguez, founder and CEO of Kingo Energy, will share tactical advice on how his company has navigated obstacles created by the pandemic. Juan Fermín launched Kingo Energy in 2013. Kingo provides a distributed renewable electricity service that has become a scalable solution to one of the grandest challenges facing humanity: energy.

Kingo has experienced dramatic growth over the last five years in the off-grid sector and has garnered international attention. One of SEAF’s latest investees, Kingo’s board includes Leonardo DiCaprio, arguably the celebrity face of the renewable energy movement.

Kingo’s smart energy system has revolutionized the off-grid energy sector and this system relies heavily on supplies from Chinese manufacturers. During the webinar, Juan Fermín will touch on his experience navigating the crisis and answer questions about engaging manufacturers in heavily impacted countries more broadly.

We hope that you will join us on Wednesday, May 6th at 9:00 EDT/15:00 CET/16:00 EAT to for the Navigating a COVID-19 Disruption webinar where you can ask Juan Fermín specific questions about his experience. Please note that space is limited, and you will need to register to confirm your free spot. Register here.