Elen n.t.sh is a leader in the solar energy market founded in 1992 in Kosovo. Today the company remains family-run and has now expanded across Europe. They offer a range of services for solar projects including procurement, engineering, project management, finance, and construction. They have 35 full-time employees and a network of over 500 certified solar installers across 10 countries to execute projects.


Elen and CEED

Lulzim Syla, one of the sons of the founder and a today a managing partner, first connected with CEED back in 2009 when the center in Kosovo was just being launched. He says he feels “lucky to be from the first generation of CEED Kosovo and from that time we have made a lot of partners between members of CEED.” Collaboration between entrepreneurs has been his favorite part of the CEED membership. At its establishment, Lulzim says CEED Kosovo offered something new: “an organization or consulting group that you could count on for specific training, opportunities for growth, [and] a useful network.” Participating in center events has facilitated important new connections for Lulzim with fellow entrepreneurs. For example, he worked with several fellow members who work in agriculture to install solar electric systems for their companies.

Lulzim had such a positive experience with CEED he encouraged his brothers, Afrin and Avni, also involved in running Elen, and some fellow Kosovar entrepreneurs to join. He says, “CEED always has tried to bring young entrepreneurs training on advanced management, strategy, sales, and financial training, coaching, and conferences with local and international experts. This was very important for the business community to see opportunities for expanding [at the] local and international level.”


Elen Gives Back

Over the years Elen has grown from a small Kosovar company to an international one. Their mission is to decarbonize energy systems by using renewable energy sources, decentralize the energy industry by making clients more self-sufficient in energy generation, and digitize the energy industry by bringing the latest and most efficient technologies to clients is only becoming more important. Over the years Elen has completed thousands of projects across Europe for corporate clients to increase the capacity of solar technologies to generate electricity. An exciting new undertaking for the company is selling personal solar kits called the Elen Home PV. The product allows residential clients to simply, quickly, and cost-effectively install a solar electricity system to their own home without the need to hire outside contractors. This new product helps expand Elen’s market and increases its positive impact on the environment.

Beyond creating an innovative and successful renewable energy company, Elen aims to build a team dedicated to environmental sustainability and regeneration. One of the unique ways they reach their goals is to set aside revenue from each project for planting trees. So, for every Elen Home solar kit purchased, they will plant a tree. It is innovative ways of giving back to the community like their reforestation efforts that make Elen such an inspiring member of the CEED community.