On January 15th CEED Thailand hosted it’s kick off meeting with 15 growth stage women entrepreneurs representing a variety of sectors. The kick-off combined on-site and online participation due to recent Covid-19 spikes in Thailand however, 90% of participants did attend on-site. The kick-off was successful with a highly engaged group of entrepreneurs who learned about the business life cycle, healthy challenges for businesses at each stage and how to identify unhealthy problems. The meeting was led by CEED Thailand’s Director, Noot Weechadchada Yongsungwankul, with sessions led by CEED Global VP Barbara Bregar-Mrzlikar. 

CEED’s expansion into Thailand was made possible by support of the Vitol Foundation and local partnership with entrepreneurial ecosystem actor Association of Family Business Entrepreneurs (AFBE). The initial program supported by Vitol Foundation is gender focused as this is a key priority of CEED and Vitol, however CEED plans to expand services to support all types of small & medium size businesses in their growth as the Center continues to grow.