Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and the associated economic turbulence in 2020, CEED Morocco had a very successful year, with the Fintech Catalyst project being recognized by the Department of State’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) as one of their top performing programs. CEED Morocco is excited to announce that thanks to support from MEPI, CEED Morocco will be opening a new chapter in the city of Tangier.

CEED Morocco began expansion into Tangier in September 2020 with the identification of key local partners, mentors and coaches followed by the recruitment of prospective participants and startups in October 2020. CEED hosted pitch sessions in December and selected the entrepreneurs for its first cohort based on the team’s ability to 1)execute their proposed strategy, 2) the business model’s ability to scale and 3) the team’s ability to articulate mastery of the product market fit. The cohort is a combination of young entrepreneurs that are using technology to tackle issues across different sectors including food service, textile manufacturing and construction. The Chapter had its kick-off event January 7th and CEED is excited about the path forward and the opportunity to work with more entrepreneurs in a new region of Morocco.