The experts

Gary Kurtzman, MD


Managing Director, Healthcare at Safeguard Scientifics Venture Capital/Private Equity Philadelphia, PA     Gary is responsible for identifying, deploying capital ...

Gary Kurtzman, MD2015-03-07T02:12:58+00:00

Matt Fedors


Principal, Leaf Clean Energy Fund Washington, DC   Matt Fedors is a Principal at Leaf Clean Energy Fund, a resource ...

Matt Fedors2015-03-26T18:05:56+00:00

Corey Ford


Managing Partner, San Francisco, CA   Corey Ford is Founder and Managing Director of PublicMediaX, an impact acclerator changing ...

Corey Ford2015-03-07T01:05:52+00:00

Ela Borenstein


Partner, BDC Canada Onterio, Canada   joined DBC in 2007 and is a partner in the Health Venture Fund. She ...

Ela Borenstein2015-03-07T00:59:18+00:00

Paul Murray


Investment Director, Atlantic Bridge Dublin, Ireland   Paul Murry is an Investment Executive with Atlantic Bridge, a mid-market technology fund ...

Paul Murray2015-03-07T00:58:24+00:00

Jim Connor


Jim Connor CEO First Focus Learning Systems Mountain View, CA   Jim has been involved in software applications addressing the ...

Jim Connor2015-03-07T00:52:19+00:00