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Darko Dujic


Ceneje, Slovenia Darko is a CEO and chief business magician at leading comparison shopping platform in Adriatic region. Ceneje ...

Darko Dujic2016-03-11T18:57:55+00:00

Branko Drobnak


Business Angels Slovenia, Slovenia He is is the co-founder and the motor of the Business Angels Club of Slovenia, ...

Branko Drobnak2016-03-11T18:54:18+00:00

Ylli Marku


Financial Union Skopje, Macedonia Ylli is the CEO and a co-owner of Financial Union Skopje, a leading company which ...

Ylli Marku2016-03-11T18:52:59+00:00

Ciril Mlakar


CVS Mobile, Slovenia Ciril is co-founder and R&D manager of CVS Mobile, a telematics solutions provider for fleet management. ...

Ciril Mlakar2016-03-11T18:51:25+00:00

Zouheir Lakhdissi


Dial Technologies, Morocco  Zouheir is CEO and Co-founder of Dial Technologies, a leader in mobile solutions in Morocco and ...

Zouheir Lakhdissi2016-03-11T18:48:52+00:00

Amine Chouaieb


CHIFCO, Tunisia Founded by Amine Chouaieb in 2011, a former management consultant in energy efficiency, Chifco is a Tunisian ...

Amine Chouaieb2016-03-11T18:46:49+00:00