Global Club

Agon Gashi


Meridian Express, Kosovo   Agon is the Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Express, a chain of convenient stories founded in ...

Agon Gashi2015-09-17T16:50:09+00:00

Luka Abrus


Five, Croatia/USA   Luka is CEO of Five, mobile design and development agency with 80 employees, founded in Croatia ...

Luka Abrus2015-09-16T18:14:29+00:00

Tode Bucevski


Tafoma, Macedonia Tode is founder of Tafoma, a company which developed and launched intuitive web-based application for better team ...

Tode Bucevski2015-08-04T16:08:03+00:00

Vladimir Vecovski


R3 Infomedia, Macedonia Vladimir is Co-founder and General manager of R3 Infomedia, managing 60 employees and 3 brands: 1) regional ...

Vladimir Vecovski2015-08-04T16:05:34+00:00