Global Directors

Fatima Zahra Oukacha


Director CEED Morocco Fatima Zahra Oukacha is the Director of CEED Morocco which supports entrepreneurs by providing know-how and ...

Fatima Zahra Oukacha2013-03-18T19:53:11+00:00

Deni Guga


Director CEED Albania After graduating with a degree in Business Administration in 1998, Deni Guga began working for domestic ...

Deni Guga2013-03-18T19:54:49+00:00

Jemma Israelyan


Director CEED Armenia Jemma is the director of CEED Armenia, which was launched in 2012 as part of the ...

Jemma Israelyan2014-02-11T17:59:47+00:00

Kreshnik Lleshi


Director CEED Kosovo Kreshnik Lleshi has more than ten years experience in project management and has worked as a ...

Kreshnik Lleshi2013-03-18T19:55:37+00:00

Alexandra Mararu


Director CEED Romania Alexandra Mararu started working with CEED Romania in 2015, as an expert in two major projects ...

Alexandra Mararu2018-02-08T20:13:39+00:00

Nikolay Yarmov


Director CEED Bulgaria Nikolay Yarmov is one of the CEED Network founders and has been with CEED Bulgaria as ...

Nikolay Yarmov2013-03-18T19:54:03+00:00