Are you an entrepreneur, family business successor, business owner or CEO in your country?

Are you looking to expand beyond your borders regionally and internationally?

Are you open to bring new innovative ideas to your company, to share best business practices and experiences or simply want to engage with other entrepreneurs and managers globally? 

If yes, CEED GLOBAL GROW Program is your place to be!

You will be invited to:

  • Participate in online sessions for business practices sharing & learning from each other,
  • Join an exclusive CEED Global Business Community for network,
  • Experience 1:1 Connect with a Mentor.

What to expect from CEED GLOBAL Grow Program?

Business experiences and challenges, sharing & learning from each other

Six online “peer to peer” events for business experience sharing among each other, once a month, supported by international guest speaker/s*, on the following topics:

  • Leadership and questions that entrepreneurs should have an answer.
  • Preparing the company for growth and development in time of uncertainty.
  • New trends for effective and repeatable sales.
  • Management of human resources that is less and less available.
  • Financing of growth by funds and alternative capital sources.
  • New channels and innovations for effective marketing.

*International guest speakers are experienced entrepreneurs with 10+ years of experience in running their own businesses. They have grown their business from $0 to $1MM+ in revenue. The guest speakers are part of CEED Global Community and honored guest speakers at CEED events across CEED locations worldwide.

CEED Global Community, networking and B2B opportunities

Networking opportunities and B2B connections with your peers from CEED Global Community; three (3) B2B online connections. You will also gain access to CEED Global Community Group for expanding your global business network and promoting your company.

1:1 Connect

Opportunity to connect with a Mentor from CEED Global Community and have one (1) one-on-one online meeting for consultation and advice regarding a current business challenge of yours.

After completion: Awarding Certificate for completion of CEED Global Grow Program

PROGRAM START: 25.09.2024

PROGRAM DURATION: 6 to 8 months


PROGRAM PRICE:  1500 USD (+VAT)    250 USD discount for early booking until 06.09.2024!

= 1250 USD (+VAT)

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit card / Bank transfer

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