Our Approach-Creating Sustainable Enterprises Over Time

Our Approach2020-11-05T02:18:08+00:00


Catalyzing Peer Groups2020-03-27T10:35:21+00:00

CEED curates groups of entrepreneurs at similar stages of growth to deliver practical solutions in a trusted environment. Peer interactions have been shown to drive revenue growth, especially over time. The groups are meticulously moderated and managed to ensure that entrepreneurs are 1) open in sharing their challenges and 2) sharing solutions based on their own experiences. Practical solutions which lead to real change come from these peer-group meetings.

Understanding Entrepreneurs Stage of Growth2020-03-27T10:34:36+00:00

Entrepreneurs around the world face similar challenges at similar stages of growth. Diagnosing an entrepreneur’s stage of growth is paramount in our approach. CEED uses the Adizes Institute Corporate Lifecycle framework as a starting point in understanding if entrepreneurs’ challenges are ‘normal’ or symptoms of larger problems. Our teams take the time to diagnose entrepreneurs’ challenges to best connect them to other entrepreneurs who can provide the solutions and knowledge needed at particular stages of growth. We place entrepreneurs into peer-groups based on this diagnostic process where they learn from others and are given resources to overcome their challenges.

Leveraging Our Investment Lens2020-03-27T10:33:32+00:00

CEED leverages our relationship with SEAF to bring best practices in investment readiness to our entrepreneurs. Although entrepreneurs may not need to take on outside capital to scale their companies, being investment ready gives them this opportunity should it arise. Partnerships with capital providers is another value-add CEED provides to local networks.


Local Community2020-03-27T10:32:29+00:00

CEED brings together like-minded entrepreneurs facing similar challenges to create a community at the local level. Trust is the foundation of our communities and this is created through our programs, peer groups, curation of activities and services. Local communities support each other and provide ‘a home’ to entrepreneurs.

International Community2020-03-27T10:31:43+00:00

CEED Connects our entrepreneurs to our international network of entrepreneurs and experts. These entrepreneurs share their experiences and expertise at regional and global events and through other networking channels. We leverage our international experts as mentors for our greater community of entrepreneurs.


CEED hosts B2B events and connects entrepreneurs within the network for broader business opportunities. CEED also connects entrepreneurs with investors for advice, mentoring and capital.


Promoting Entrepreneurial Values2020-03-27T10:29:52+00:00

In many of the economies in which CEED works, entrepreneurship is still not seen as a positive value in society. CEED works with various institutions, including schools to change this mind-set. CEED focuses on entrepreneurial approaches to problem solving as well as building programs to promote entrepreneurship in the greater society.

Sharing Best Practices2020-03-27T10:28:33+00:00

Sharing best practices in supporting entrepreneurs not only helps the greater ecosystem but also increases the impact of our organization. CEED regularly works with partners who want to better serve entrepreneurs by sharing our experience and approach. Partners include investors, funders, and other business support organizations aiming to improve conditions for entrepreneurs to thrive and give back to their communities.

Catalyzing and Convening Ecosystem Stakeholders2020-03-25T07:44:59+00:00

CEED recognizes that promoting entrepreneurship in the countries where we work requires a highly connected and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to sharing best practices, CEED strives to convene local ecosystem partners and uses our CEED methodology to create a safe space for ecosystem stakeholders to come together, listen, and learn practical solutions for how to better serve the entrepreneurs we are working to scale.

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